DJVJ Beta Testers’ Feedback Form


    You have probably reached this page because you are on the list of DJVJ app Beta-testers. Thanks for giving us a hand!

    DJVJ is an app for iOS and Android which will enable you to mix two video channels, change their speed, opacity and bounce sensitivity, and mix on these an additional two layers of image and text. And you can do all of this real time, on your phone, outputting the resulting video to your TV, projector screens or festival LED walls.

    On the current beta version you will not be able to test the following features which are still not complete:

    • Settings Menu
    • Day Mode (a lighter UI skin)
    • Horizontal Mode (still under development)
    • Select Your Own Videos (for testing purposes, you can only add one pre-defined video per channel, which loads once and then is stored in your device's Local Storage)

    The final app will be released with 30 cool video loops included for free, loads of cool images for the image layer, and many other options.

    Please use the following form to give us your feedback on how the testing has gone on the current version of the upcoming DJVJ App.

    The app is still under development, so there are some functions which are still not working, as explained above. However, could you please rate your experience of the parts of the app which you have been able to test?

    What did you like the most, what didn't you like, what could we improve on?

    Thanking you in advance for your feedback!