Following are some Frequently Asked Questions which you may have when using the DJVJ App. We’ve tried to cover all possible questions but, if you have a question which doesn’t appear here, please contact us and let us know so that we can answer your question and possibly add it to these FAQs.

DJVJ Frequently Asked Questions

What is DJVJ?

DJVJ is a cool app that enables you to mix visuals like a Video Jockey (VJ) directly on your iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet.

What are the Terms of Use of the DJVJ App?

You can read the complete terms of use of the DJVJ app on this page: DJVJ App Terms of Use.

How can I get DJVJ?

You can download and install DJVJ on your device from the official app stores:

  • For iOS devices, you can download DJVJ on the Apple App Store HERE.
  • For Android devices, you can download DJVJ on the Google Play Store HERE.

It’s my first time using DJVJ. What should my first steps be?

When you open the DJVJ app you will arrive at the Home Screen. This Home Screen is a blank canvas which has several containers that you can put visual contents into and start mixing. The top rectangle is the Video Preview Window which displays the result of your VJ mix. Then, right below that, you have two video mixing channels: the Base Video, on the left, and the Overlay Video, on the right. You can add videos to these channels by tapping them (when they’re empty, you will see a plus “+” symbol in the middle). Below the two video channels you will see the Special Effects bar, which has seven FX buttons. At the bottom of the Home Screen you find the Image Layer (left) and the Text Layer (right), which enable you to mix an image and some text into your Video Jockey mix.

I have two video loops playing but I can only see the right hand one in my output mix. Why?

The right hand channel is the Overlay Video, meaning that it is placed on top of the Base Video. By default, the Overlay Video has 100% opacity (meaning it has no transparency) and it has the Layer Style set to “Normal”. For you to see the Base Video through the Overlay video, you have to either reduce the Overlay Video’s opacity or set its layer style to one which blends both video channels (any one other than “Normal”, such as “Multiply” or “Lighten”).

Can I change the playback speed of the video loops?

Yes. Below each video channel you have three fader-style sliders. The middle one, which reads “SPEED”, allows you to control the playback speed of that channel’s video loop. Move it up to increase the video speed and down to reduce it. If you lower the speed to minimum, the video will appear to be paused.

Is my VJ mix bouncing to the sounds around me!?

Yes! By default, DJVJ uses your device’s microphone to detect the beats of the music around you. You can also set it to use your devices Music Library instead of the microphone if you wish.

Can I change the audio input source? How?

Yes. If you wish to change the audio input source from your device’s microphone to your Music Library (iTunes, on iOS) or vice-versa, press the Menu icon in the top left corner of the Home Screen. This will open DJVJ’s Main Menu. In the Menu, tap “Settings” to open the app’s settings list, and then tap the blue drop-down arrow to the right of the “Audio Input” item. In the selection window that has appeared, tap the audio input option of your choice.

Can I control how much each layer bounces to the music?

Yes. Each layer has a “SENSOR” slider which controls the layer’s audio sensitivity. If you drag the slider up, the sensitivity will increase, making the layer bounce a lot to the audio beats; whereas if you drag the slider down, it will reduce the sensitivity. Drag the slider to the bottom to stop the layer from reacting to the audio input.

Is DJVJ recording the sound from my microphone and sending it somewhere?

Of course not. The audio input is used only to make the mix bounce to the sound of the music. We don’t care what music you’re listening to and we never will. The truth is that you’re probably not important enough for anyone to care about spying on you. If you think people are spying on you, maybe you should search for psychological help.

Disclaimer: you’ve probably read on social media that perhaps some corporations are listening to you through your phone’s microphone to target you with customised advertising. We don’t know if this is true or not, but we can assure you that DJVJ definitely doesn’t do this. Feel free to monitor your phone’s connectivity and you will see that we send no form of audio data to any server.

I have some suggestions or requests to improve DJVJ. Can I send you them?

Of course! All feedback is welcome. Please fill in the form on our contact page with your suggestions so that we can take them in mind for future updates. We try to reply to all messages so please be patient!

Is DJVJ totally free? What does it include?

From the moment you download DJVJ in your device, you’ll be able to start making your own video mixes totally for free. The app includes a starter pack with more than 30 videos to mix, over 100 images to overlay, 20 special effects and a selection of cool typographies.

Are expansion packs avaliable? How much do they cost?

Yes. There are different packs avaliable with different kinds content. Each one’s cost depending on the features it contains. But the fun doesn’t stop here. Our team is constantly creating new and exciting content for DJVJ, coming to your device really soon.

What is included with the DJVJ monthly subscription for iOS?

The DJVJ monthly subscription appears in your app menu as “Upgrade to Premium” and refers to the “DJVJ Professional Subscription” In-App Purchase. This subscription is renewed on a monthly basis which you can renew automatically every month or cancel from your App Store account. The price of the subscription, or ‘Starting Price’, is 2.99 EUR per month including taxes ($2.49 USD) and will vary depending on your country. This price does not vary from one month to another. The benefits you will obtain from this subscription are:

  • Removes the DJVJ watermark from the output video signal (this is the image which will appear on external TV screens when you use the Lightning to Digital AV Adapter).
  • Removed the DJVJ watermark from your video recordings.
  • Adds some extra output resolutions to the ‘Settings > Output Resolution’ menu, so that you have more options than the standard selection of 16:9 and 4:3 outputs.

I’m hosting a Halloween/Christmas party, do you have customized content?

We will have. We know how important are those festivities and want to help you to create the perfect environment. The thematic content will be available just in time for the holidays!

Can I swap the effects in the FX controller?

Yes. Open the FX+ menu and slide one of the 20 effects to one of the 7 slots available, creating your own control panel.

Can I add my own texts?

Of course you can. DJVJ has a really easy text editor with typographies and tools to give a cool edge to your texts.

I got a cool video/image that I want to mix and display, can I add it?

No… for the moment. We know how bad you want to customize your videos, so we are working on this feature. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for more information!

I really like this two videos combined, but not moving at the same time. Can I make those react differently to the music?

As easy as it sounds. You only have to slide in the sensor controller for each video to decide how it will react to the music.

Can I cast the content I’m creating?

It is the main purpose of DJVJ, indeed. Using a Lighting Digital AV Adapter or wireless options, you can cast your mixes. Don’t worry, the only seeing the app layout will be you. Once the app is casting, the output is ONLY the mix you are creating on your phone.

The app is having performance issues.

DJVJ takes full advantage of the possibilities your phone can give. We are conscious that it doesn’t have the fluidity desired in old devices, but in newer devices it shouldn’t happen.

Is DJVJ available for Android?

At this moment DJVJ isn’t available for Android. But it won’t take long until Android users can start mixing!